Our Company

Our Story

Way to Grow was founded in 2002, beginning with a simple plan of providing organic and hydroponic gardeners with a premium selection of products and an extraordinary level of customer service. We understand the future of our company is dependent on the success of our customers. Our business is built on trust and over the years we have enjoyed long standing relationships with our customers by providing a wealth of knowledge and variety of high quality products. Way to Grow is not just an indoor garden supply and grow store; we are experts in growing. Our customers can rest assured that we only recommend quality products to serve as solutions to their indoor hydroponic gardening issues.

We are proud of each of our five great Colorado locations, packed full of the best selection of hydroponic grow equipment and indoor gardening supplies. From grow tents to grow lights, Way to Grow offers the highest quality products on the market. We are the largest, most inexpensive, most knowledgeable, and best hydroponic and organic grow store in the United States.

Customers First

Everything we do is driven by customer needs and our passion for understanding what drives their success. We are committed to providing superior products and services with the highest levels of quality and excellence. By serving our customers hydroponic supply needs well, we will provide sustained value to all our stakeholders and create an environment that develops and rewards our clients.


We look for opportunities to leverage our skills, technology and each other to deliver new value in new ways. Our staff is educated in the newest technologies in LED lighting, sprinkler systems, irrigation, aeroponics, and the newest hydroponic gardening products. We are creative and entrepreneurial in bringing value to our customers, associates, share owners, partners and community. We anticipate change and development, and welcome the opportunities that arise as a result.

Community Development

We believe in investing in our community as a means of giving back. They are reflected in the well-intentioned projects and nonprofits we support such as: Happy Belly Farms, The Kitchen Community, Rams Against Hunger, Hearts ‘n’ Hands, Abundant Harvest Community Garden and Slow Food Seed to Table. It is our intention to continue our service to the community at a growing rate in the years to come.

At Way to Grow, we pride ourselves on being able to offer the tools to create a more sustainable future for our inheriting generations. We believe that in serving our communities, we play a vital role in promoting natural and organic farming methods that enable us to have a positive impact on our soil, people and planet.